Struggling to pick better relationship partners?

Harness the power of friendship.



"This book is like that much-needed conversation with a friend over coffee after [INSERT traumatic relationship event here]. It speaks to too many modern-day relationship failings. Reading it, I'm baffled as to why it's taken this long to find someone writing so honestly about this side of relationships."

~Chika A.~


This book gave me SO MUCH perspective. I look forward to approaching this thing differently. The idea of becoming friends first, and then deciding to date once you know enough about a person is very refreshing and takes the pressure and anxiety away that often comes along with going on date after date.

~Brittney D~

You know how frustrating it can be to pick the right relationship partner?

Friends First provides a fresh perspective on the value of authentic friendship and takes the anxiety out of making smarter relationship choices.


You can enjoy quality relationships

Friends First will show you that:

  • Dating doesn’t work

  • ‘Friendzoning’ people is counterproductive

  • Marriage and Friendship mirror each other

  • Compatibility is more important than love

  • Relationship failure is simply a lack of information

  • Men and Women CAN be friends

  • Relationship success can’t be left up to chance.

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

Friends First can help you make the mental shift necessary to enjoy better relationships.


This Book is for you If...

  • You're single and frustrated
  • You keep repeating the same relationship patterns
  • You were never taught how to build quality relationships
  • You've given up on finding someone



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