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Injuries vs. Baggage

There’s a new term that needs to be introduced, and that term is injuries. You see, we’ve always heard that when it comes to relationships, a lot of us carry around baggage. However, that term isn’t entirely accurate. Extra baggage in a relationship is never a good thing. This can include bad habits, emotional ties to people, children, financial burdens, and more. If you think about it though, baggage is something you can drop off eventually. I don’t think most people suffer from extra baggage but rather, injuries that haven’t been properly healed or acknowledged. 

When you suffer an injury, it affects the way you live for the next several weeks, months, and sometimes for the rest of your life. An injury, depending on the severity, will not only affect you but everyone around you. Injuries result in frequent doctor visits, medication, rehabilitation, and most importantly, scars — scars that you will have for the rest of your life and are clear indicators of past hurt.

In relationships, we either don’t take the proper time to heal, or we don’t acknowledge that we’re even injured in the first place. We walk into our next one severely impaired and wondering why we fall short of the mark. We have to be aware that every single time we fall, there is an injury that takes place, even if your relationship was short-lived. Even if you try to convince yourself that you were just friends with benefits. You may not realize it, but you did get injured and every single injury we experience that goes unchecked compounds onto the next one, causing you to fall over and over again.

A classic case of this is the rebound experience a lot of us have gone through where we hop into a new relationship thinking that it will heal us from our most recent injury. But then, we discover that we constantly compare our present to our past and that we are not emotionally equipped to give ourselves completely to our new partner in a way that will serve the relationship well. We think that just because we “block” the memories of our last relationship that all is well. And as you can probably attest, we are almost always wrong.

We are dealing with injuries, not baggage. Permanent scars that live with us, not extra weight we can discard. Not an inconsequential fling. You need to always be aware of where you stand as far as healing from the past so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes and hurt those who had nothing to do with you falling. When you don’t give credence to exactly how your past injuries shape your current reality, you are setting yourself up to fail before you start.

YOU. ARE. INURED. Take time to heal.

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